Oregon Computer Science Training Options

What's the best way to get your computer science career off and running in the state of Oregon? It seems to be common knowledge that jobs in computer related fields are easier to find than in most other fields. Even a sharp drop in the economy does not seem to have been enough to burst the bubble of opportunity that surrounds computer science and related jobs. These facts make careers in computer science more popular than ever and thus countless numbers of Oregon residents are pondering the idea of getting computer training.

Oregon computer science schools

The purpose of going to college and getting an education is in part to earn more money. Usually, college students do not have an abundance of disposable income. In fact, many college students are living off their parents or depending on grants, loans and part-time employment to get them from one month to the next. Four years of the college experience can be a powerful and lasting experience, but at the end of those four years many students find themselves in greater debt than they ever imagined. This is why, in greater numbers, young people fresh out of high school are looking for alternatives to committing to studying full-time for four years before being able to start their careers. Four years without a substantial and consistent income can create quite a financial hole from which a student must climb out of before beginning to actually save money.

One way for fiscally conscious students in Oregon to train for a career in computer science and watch their budgets is to forego the more costly college or university and stay at home and attend a community college or technical college for two years. There are community colleges in the state that offer two-year computer science programs that are designed for students who are planning to transfer to four-year institutions and complete bachelor degrees. Students in these programs are required to meet a minimum number of credit hours at the community college before transferring and completed their junior and senior years at the four-year institution.

The money saved can be substantial and once they earn their bachelor degrees these students will be on course to work in the exact professions and positions as students who attended the four-year institution strait out of high school. Some community colleges also offer two-year computer science programs that allow graduates to pursue careers in areas such as designing software, creating computer games and designing websites without completing bachelor degrees. Then there are also many computer application and office systems programs offered in Oregon community colleges. These programs will enable students to go into administrative support positions or into website development and design jobs.

On average, computer science related jobs pay more than the median yearly salary for the state. This combined with a high demand for trained computer professional means that graduates of quality programs can begin earning a steady and above average starting salary almost immediately. A two-year degree in computer technology can be used as a platform to a bachelor degree and greater income. Many Oregonians work in computer technology full-time and go to school part-time to earn bachelor degrees, master's degrees or doctorate degrees.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Oregon:

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