Pennsylvania Jobs Relating to Computer Science

Within the borders of Pennsylvania the number of jobs relating to computer science continues to rise. This is a good thing, right? Yes, the creation of more jobs in this relatively high paying field is a positive situation for residents of the states large cities and small towns. To make matters even better, this shows all the signs of being a long-term trend. On top of all other factors, something strange or at least unexpected and ironic is going on, something that may keep the demand for computer science professionals high for years and years to come.

Pennsylvania computer science schools

The salary for computer science professionals in Pennsylvania is varied but usually above average when compared to other careers. Entry-level employees working in database administration routinely earn between $67,000 and $95,000 a year. Compare this to starting salaries in other professions and you begin to see yet another attractive aspect of computer science careers. In addition to database administration workers, web developers often see starting salaries in the neighborhood of $74,500 a year. The potential starting salary for a person with a computer science degree who goes into security can be in the neighborhood of $90,000 a year.

You would think that with all the projections indicating that jobs in computer science are on the increase and will continue to be created at a high rate coupled with the generous salaries for degreed professional in the field would mean that the market is about to be overwhelmed by the generation that grew up on computers, the generation that cannot remember when cell phones were anything but standard equipment. This is where the strange part comes in. While logical thinking would seem to tell us that a generation that grew up using computers is much more likely to be ready to fill the demand for computer science professionals in the future. However, the majority of young people who started putting their fingers to keyboards before they could walk or speak know no more about the workings of the technological implements than individuals who did not use computers until they reached the age of 30, 40 or 60.

Using a computer daily does not make you qualified to build computers, create software or design websites any more than driving a car everyday makes you qualified to be a mechanic. Though society has seen the need for qualified professional in computer science and recognizes the importance of education in this area, students in grades one through 12 are not, on average, getting additional training in computer science. Some schools do not offer computer science courses of study and in schools where computer science classes are offered they are often not a priority for students.

So it appears that all the jobs for computer engineers, website designers, software specialists and computer security technicians are going to continue to be available for years to come, making Pennsylvania a good job market for computer scientists and other professionals in computer technology. And until schools do a better job of teaching computer science to high school students and younger students, the playing field is going to be level for all generations.

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