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In a state where "good" jobs have never been a reality for most citizens, the decline of the textile industry left many South Carolina residents unprepared. The state is largely rural with the notable exceptions being the state capital of Columbia, and the coastal cities of Charleston and Myrtle Beach. Many inhabitants of this Deep South locale thought the mule and plow would be around forever. Farmers never thought they would have to find other ways to make a living. This is a state that has historically ranked at the bottom in education, so as the economy has shifted and more and more new jobs requiring higher education and more extensive training have been created, South Carolinians have had to make adjustments to make themselves viable employees in the 21st Century. Some of the leading or most quickly expanding occupations in the state are now found in computer science related fields.

South Carolina computer science schools

South Carolina has a population of approximately 4,300,000 residents. For a long tome, a large segment of workers in the state were employed in the agriculture and the textile industries. Most of these positions did not require training or education beyond high school and even a high school diploma was not essential. Many of these jobs have disappeared—gone from the state and in some cases from the country. There are other employers in the state, and some of these, such as BMW, Sunoco and the department of energy have helped to take up some of the slack, but not nearly enough to make up for all the jobs lost from the closure of textile mills and folding of small farms.

As the economy shifted in South Carolina, workers were faced with the option of eking out a living the best way they could or going back to school and getting training in fields that would make them employable in a changing economy. So what are some of the areas of training that currently offer future employment in the state? Well, some of the fastest growing occupations in the Palmetto State are Computer Engineer, Systems Analyst and Electronic Data Processors. This is in accord with the rest of the nation, where computer science related jobs are increasing in number and projected to continue to do so over the next five to ten years.

Another big employer in the state of South Carolina is the Medical University of South Carolina, and one of the strongest fields in computer science currently is bioinformatics, the marriage of medical science and computer science. The presence of the medical university makes this field even more attractive in South Carolina. The lure of bioinformatics is also aided by reported median salaries in the range of $75,000 to $77,000 annually. Within the state, there are also computer science positions available for IT personnel, computer science instructors and professors at the schools various colleges, universities and technical schools and community colleges. The companies that have moved into replace some of the void left by the exodus of so many textile companies offer many positions for systems administrators, software developers and database administrators and managers.

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