What are the wages for Computer Science Jobs in South Dakota?

When you think of trend setting states, states that stray from the norm or conservative, South Dakota is probably not one of the first of the 50 possibilities to pop into your head. In tune with that theme, South Dakota is not going to standout when comparing the average salaries of computer science jobs throughout the country.

South Dakota computer science schools

There are so many professions that fall under the heading of computer science professions. A bachelor degree, master's degree or doctorate degree in computer science can pave the way to numerous occupations that revolve around the use and maintenance of computers and the use, maintenance and creation of related software and applications. So while a computer science degree may afford a graduate the option of becoming a website designer or a systems administrator, the two positions will more than likely not command the same salary. There are many reasons why this is so, including location of jobs, companies offering the jobs, a potential employee's work experience and educational background and many others.

Speaking of systems administrators, in 2008, the median wages of network and computer systems administrators were $66,310 a year, with about 50 percent of these employees earning between $51,690 and $84,110. Pay at the lower end of the scale was around $40,000 and the annual pay for the top 10 percent of employees in these workers around $104,000. As you can see, even when the job titles are the same, there is a big disparity between what some workers are earning. The average salary for computer scientists working in South Dakota is $71,000 a year. This figure is greater than the average salary of workers in the state and ranks in the middle when compared to the average salary of computer scientists in the other 49 states.

It's not necessarily good, and often not accurate, when we generalize but often times computer scientist have the benefit of working in comfortable work environments. Many of these scientist work in temperature controlled offices or laboratories equipped with comfortable chairs, desks and access to refreshments. The point being made here is that as professions go, computer scientist is not one of the most labor-intensive occupations in the group. That is not to say that the profession does not have some drawbacks. For example, the long hours often spent sitting and staring at a computer screen can be harmful to the eyes and the back. The frequency of carpal tunnel syndrome in keyboard and mouse users is well documented, and a concern for many computer scientists. Still, even with these drawbacks, the work environment and the salary make the position worthwhile for most individuals.

Okay, so while an average salary of $71,000 a year for South Dakota computer scientists is not remarkable, but rather middle of the road when compared to other states, there is something about this understated territory that does standout.

South Dakota is home to Mount Rushmore contains the sculptures faces of American presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln and is a popular tourist destination in a largely rural state known for its Black Hills.

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