Tennessee Computer Science Vocations

What can a person do with a computer science degree in Tennessee? Picture the scenario: after four years of study a young man or woman walks away from a university or college in Tennessee with a degree in computer science. What happens next?

Tennessee computer science schools

Computer scientists are an important piece of the puzzle that keeps technology on the move. These scientists are responsible for conducting research that hopefully helps us gain insight into the world of computers in aspects of hardware and software. This research may lead to problem solving and advancements in computer technology and usage. Let's take a closer look at some of the computer science vocations available in the state of Tennessee. Back to the new graduate, wondering what to do next. Many graduates (most graduates) have an idea in what field they would like to specialize by the time they graduate, and many have used their credit hours accordingly. Below are a few of the occupations that these students probably considered while they were in school and before they finally settled on a specific job.

Computers speak there own language. This is why we need translators to tell the computers what we want them to do. This task belongs to computer programmers, who convert written language into flow charts for coding into computer language. Programmers also develop and write the programs computers use to do their work.

A computer systems analyst is responsible for analyzing data processing needs for application to electronic data processing systems. Analysts are familiar with all aspects of the computer systems and are responsible for maintaining them, evaluating them and updating them as needed. In many work environments the analyst will act as a supervisor to computer programmers. While the analyst is maintaining the computer systems, it is the job of the computer security specialist to ensure that the systems are not compromised by outside sources. Security specialists regulate access to the systems and prevent unauthorized changes (deletions and additions) in the systems.

A network systems and data communications analyst is responsible for designing and maintaining network systems. This includes local and wide spread communication systems. This position requires that the analyst be up to date on current software and hardware as it relates to communication. These analysts may also supervise computer programmers. A computer systems engineer is largely responsible for computer software—design, research and testing. Any aspect of software and application of software could fall under this job title. Of course, the analyst also has the aid of the software engineer who is responsible for designing and developing solutions to complex applications problems, system administration issues and network concerns.

As this brief list indicates, there are many vocations for residents of Tennessee who have taken the time to earn degrees in computer science, and their should continue to be positions for future graduates as the computer science field is expected to continue to grow and create jobs in the state at a rate higher than most other professions in the state.

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