Wisconsin Guide to Being a Computer Science Professional

The state of Washington—or Washington State as it is often called to keep it separate from the United States capital, Washington, D.C.—is noted for its natural beauty. A drive along the western boundaries gives a great view of the Pacific Ocean and the surrounding landscapes. The state is a major timber producer and an all around good place to spend time outdoors—even if the weather forecast often has rain in it. While the name given this west coast state and the name given our nation's capital can cause some confusion, the two places are in many ways worlds apart. However, one thing the two have in common with one another and the rest of the nation is a growing computer technology field. And a need for more trained computer science professional to fill jobs in the future.

Washington computer science schools

Computer scientists are essentially problem solvers, and as such, these individuals are able to logically work their way through the issues that confront them each day. Before becoming professionals in the computer science field in Wisconsin, most computer science students will have to complete bachelor degrees comprised of 48 credit hours pulled from a core curriculum, 19 credit hours from a professional core curriculum, 42 credit hours from a chosen major, at least 18 credit hours from a chosen minor, 3 elective credit hours in the area of the major and 3 elective credit hours relating to the minor.

The nature of the courses involved in computer science programs makes it beneficial for students to have an innate ability to solve problems. Some individuals are born with a gift for and a need to figure out what makes the objects around them work. Most everyone knows a kid who simply is not satisfied until he has fully stripped his new toy and can see the individual parts spread before him. Putting the parts back together in a working fashion may prove to be a problem initially, but over time and with more experience many of these kids do end up figuring out what makes the toaster, radio, disc player… work. And they learn to put these items back together as well as take them apart. However, if this ability is not already present, there will be ample opportunity for students to develop it in their computer science courses.

There will always be problems, unanticipated occurrences that threaten to thwart plans and goals. The mark of success is more about the way a company or individual faces problems rather than how they are able to avoid them. This is why computer scientists are so well represented on the payrolls of successful companies. While a bachelor degree is great start for a computer science professional, more education can open up more opportunities in the areas of job variety and salary. Wisconsin schools offer numerous master's degrees and doctoral degrees that can enhance a computer science professional's career and earning potential.

It's becoming more popular for computer science professional to dedicate 20 to 30 years working in the private sector or in government and then to transition into academics as instructors, assistant professors and professors. This can be a great way to avoid burn out at an early age and a great way to pass along practical information to students.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Wisconsin:

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