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The field of forensics has long been associated with investigation of criminal activity that requires ID methods using hair, DNA samples, fingerprints and so on.  Forensic accountants plow through financial records; medical forensic specialists analyze medical records on the behalf of personal injury or liability attorneys.

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Forensics

Computer forensics has emerged as a quickly growing field due to the explosion in fraud cases using information stolen from computer databases.  The other important component of computer forensics is recovering lost or erased files that have relevance to suspect activity.

To become a computer forensic expert, employers generally require a four-year degree in computer science, information technology or a related field.  There are some professional areas such as law enforcement or data management that can add valuable experience to a resume for the computer forensics professional.  There are masters’ degrees and certification programs available for those trained computer professionals that wish to break into the field.

Depending on the matter under investigation, experience with operating systems, with software applications, with networking, with encryption and with programming in general can all come into play in a professional assignment.  For that reason, a bachelors’ degree in computer science or another major that provides a broad overview of computers and their functions is necessary to mover forward in the computer forensics field.

Computer forensic experts typically are employed by organizations providing investigative consulting services or governmental agencies focusing on high-tech crimes. However, corporations and businesses are beginning to employ in-house computer forensic specialists as well.

Computer forensics has become an important addition to many government agencies and in large corporations as well as law enforcement.   It promises to be a rapidly growing profession.  The salary for a computer forensics technician with good credentials will probably start at $80,000.

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Salaries with Computer Forensics Degrees

Average annual earnings with Computer Forensics Degrees in May 2004.

  • Lowest earned $85,000
  • Median $100,000
  • Highest earned $120,000

Related occupations with Computer Forensics Degrees hourly wage:

  • Nuclear technicians $28.46
  • Forensic science technicians $21.16
  • Geological and petroleum technicians $19.35
  • Chemical technicians $18.35
  • Environmental science and protection technicians, including health $16.99
  • Biological technicians $15.97
  • Agricultural and food science technicians $14.29

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