Degrees in Computer Information Systems

A computer information systems degree is broad and originated from the field of business management. This degree prepares individuals for a variety of specialties within the information technology profession and focuses on the applied use of computers, specific programming languages, and certain development skills. Students learn how to apply technology to solving business problems. Desktop application, programming, and network support are a few of the areas of focus in earning a computer information systems degree. A career in computer information systems can include a wide variety of options.


Many computer information systems programs focus on:
  • Installing computer networks
  • Troubleshooting hardware and software problems
  • Creating Java applications
  • Managing databases
  • Developing webpages for secure websites
  • Learning the concepts of Oracle databases
  • Troubleshooting a network operating system


When hiring for the computer information systems field, employers are typically looking for those with experience using specific software and advanced technical knowledge. There are a plethora of certifications available in this field that help increase the chances of being competitive when applying for an IT position. Most of these certifications are product specific which means they are typically given by software or hardware companies.

Another important quality a lot of employers look for is individuals who have spent time outside of strictly technical fields since this can increase their use of interpersonal and communication skills which are also important in this field.

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