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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “The rapid and widespread use of computers and information technology has generated a need for highly trained workers proficient in various job functions.”

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Oftentimes students entering college know they want to earn an IT degree, but have a difficult time drilling down to a specific major. These individuals may be best suited to earn a computer science degree which is general enough it will allow them to get a job in most IT fields. This will allow them to apply for a variety of technology positions rather than being pinned down to one specialty.

A computer science career can consist of almost any information technology specialization. Earning a degree in computer science typically has an emphasis on both theory and practice. This degree is broad enough to provide courses that teach a variety of IT skills, which typically include: programming languages, data structure and algorithms, computer networks, and operating systems. In learning such a wide plethora of technology skills, an individual should be well-suited to enter many computer science careers upon graduation.

Traditionally, a computer science degree focused more heavily on the technical and theoretical side of IT than a degree in computer information systems, which focused more heavily on the practical side of the field. A degree in this field is typically offered as a track within a university’s School of Applied Sciences. However, lines have begun to blur in terms of computer science and computer information systems degrees. The naming of these general technology degree programs varies from one school to the next. Because of the variations in program naming, employers today oftentimes want to see a transcript with descriptions of the courses that were a part of an individual’s IT degree program before hiring an individual so that they can get a true understanding of their level of technical knowledge.

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