How Much Training does it Take to Become a Database Administrator in Colorado?

Colorado residents who have hopes of becoming database administrators tend to have a lot of questions about how to get started in the field, what the work is like, and perhaps most importantly, what kind of training and/or schooling they will need to complete. Unfortunately, there is no one simple answer to that question. There are a wide variety of different jobs within the database administration field, and different jobs require different levels of training and/or education. What this means for you is that you should first determine what you want to do. Once you know this, only then should you start planning your education and/or formal training.

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Some of the more entry level positions in the field require only an associate's degree to obtain. These degrees, which can often be earned in as little as two years, provided basic information and education about database administration. For those who are self-taught and who are already quite knowledgeable in the field, these degrees are often earned just as a "stamp of approval," as "proof" to show potential employers and clients that they have been educated in database administration and know the ins and outs of the field.

The majority of professionals working in database administration, however, will have at least a bachelor's degree. Bachelor's degrees take, on average, about four years to earn, and they are not always in database administration specifically. While some people will earn such specific degrees, many people go to school for more general subjects, such as information technology, computer science, and more. Again, knowing what you want to do is the best indicator of what type of education and degree program you should pursue. However, if you're not completely sure, a general bachelor's degree can be quite versatile.

Beyond a bachelor's degree program, you can choose to pursue master's degrees or even doctoral degrees in the field. These degrees, however, are typically not required for most positions. However, having one can be an excellent way to earn the most prestigious and well paid jobs the industry has to offer. Plus, there are always a few very high-up jobs that require such high level degrees. Remember too that you can always work in the field while pursuing your education; there is no rule that says you have to complete all of your schooling first, and many potential employers will even frown on this.

Aside from getting the education you need for your career goals, completing an internship can also be an extremely helpful step. Internships, which may be paid or unpaid and can sometimes even be taken for school credit, are an excellent way to build up your resume and increase your chances of getting hired and, often more importantly, to forge important connections in the field, connections which can lead to employment either immediately following the internship or later on down the road. Try to take on internships as close to your desired job as possible.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Colorado:

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