What Types of Database Administration Programs are in Idaho?

If you live in the state of Idaho and are interested in pursuing a career in database administration, then you probably already know that the competition for these stable, well paid, prestigious jobs can be quite fierce. You might also know that the best way to stand out above the competition and to stand a real chance of being hired to work in the field is to get a formal education. What you might not realize, however, is that you aren't just limited to educational programs that focus specifically on database administration. For a more well rounded and versatile educational experience, you can instead choose to major in something like computer science, information technology, or any other related area. Of course, majoring in database administration is a fine choice too, but don't ever feel like it is your only option.

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In addition to choosing your major area of study, you also have to think about what level degree you wish to pursue. The lowest level degree in the field and in related areas is an associate's degree, which can typically be completed in around two years. These degrees are most commonly earned from community colleges or online schools and can enable graduates to obtain entry level positions in the field.

More commonly, though, database administration professionals will have at least a bachelor's degree. Bachelor's degrees can be earned in around four years, on average, and are offered by all colleges and universities. With these degrees, those just starting out in the field automatically enjoy higher salaries than their non-educated or lesser-educated peers. Plus, it's much easier to work your way up from a vantage point than it is to work your way up from the very bottom of the job heap!

If you already have a bachelor's degree, even if it is in an unrelated area, then you will strongly want to consider earning your master's degree. Master's level degrees can take anywhere from one to three years (or longer) to earn, and they are an easy way to qualify for the most prestigious and highly paid positions in the database administration field. Best of all, master's level programs are usually designed with working professionals in mind, so they are set up in such a way to make it easy to balance your work and/or family responsibilities with your career goals.

The PhD is the highest level degree one can obtain in the field. These degrees vary greatly in the length of time they take to earn, but they are most frequently earned while already working in the field. While they are not necessary for the vast majority of database administration positions, they are the way to go if you've got your heart and mind set on being the best of the best.

After you earn your degree, remember too that you can always supplement your education and increase your knowledge base with a certificate program or other continuing education opportunity as well.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Idaho:

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