Illinois Database Administration Salary

Illinois residents who are looking for a lucrative career, one in which they can earn well above the average salary for the state, should strongly consider going into database administration. Professionals in this industry tend to make, on average, anywhere from approximately $73,000 to $81,000 per year. Keep in mind, too, that many people make well above this amount at their jobs! In addition to great pay, successful database administrators also tend to enjoy excellent job security and continuing education opportunities which make them more valuable by the day. Of course, the work isn't always easy—it can be quite demanding—but most people feel it is well worth it!

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Of course, just simply going into database administration is no guarantee that you are automatically going to make an extremely high salary. While it is likely you'll make somewhere in the average range, there are a lot of factors that can have a huge impact on what you make. One of the big factors is the capacity in which you work and where you work. Database administrators, for example, who work at computer system design companies tend to make the highest salaries across the profession. Those who work for non-profit organizations, however, often make on the lower end of the pay spectrum. You shouldn't choose your job based on salary alone, of course, but you should be realistic when taking on a new job.

In addition to where you work and what you do having an impact on your salary, you also have to consider your education as well. As you probably already know, the more educated a person is, the more money he or she tends to make. The field of database administration is no exception. Those who have associate's degrees, for example, tend to get much lower level positions and thus much lower salaries than those who have bachelor's degrees. And those with master's degrees and even PhDs are, by far, the most highly paid and respected professionals in the industry in most cases.

You should also consider the city in which you work when thinking about your salary. Larger Illinois cities, such as Chicago, tend to pay much higher salaries to their employees than do more rural areas. This is partially due to a higher cost of living in the cities, of course, but also due to the fact that qualified professionals are in higher demand in large cities, and people are willing to pay well for what they truly need.

Remember, as you enter into this career field, money should not be the most important thing. If the money is all that you care about, you're likely to get burnt out on the database administration field rather quickly. If, however, you truly love the field and have what it takes to succeed at it, then keep in mind the small things that can impact your salary, and do what it takes to earn on the higher end of that salary spectrum whenever possible.

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