Where to Get Started to Become a Database Administrator in Maine

Maine residents who have hopes of becoming database administrators typically have quite a few questions as they prepare to enter into the field. Overwhelmingly, however, the question that is asked the most frequently is simply about how to get started in the field. The truth is that people enter the field in a variety of different ways. Some have always had an interest in computers, studied them extensively in high school, and then happen to come upon an entry level position that is willing to train them and help them to move up the success ladder. However, in today's tough and very competitive job market, owed in large part to our troubled economy, this is becoming more and more infrequent. It is for this reason that it is now strongly suggested that those looking for a sure start in the field begin with a formal education.

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To obtain a formal education or at least to get started on one, all that you really need is a high school diploma or its equivalent. From there, you can basically achieve anything that you are willing to work hard for. For many people, this starts with a simple associate's level degree. Associate's degrees are often earned from community colleges or even from online schools. They typically take only about two years to complete and are a simple way to get an entry level position in the field and begin working right away.

Once you have an associate's degree or even just a high school diploma or its equivalent, you are also eligible for bachelor's degree programs. A bachelor's degree is much more in depth than an associate's degree and takes, on average, about four years to earn. With this degree, you can start out at a better position and usually a better salary in the field right away. Keep in mind too that if you earn your associate's degree first, you can transfer the credits in most cases and have your undergraduate degree in only two more years of study.

Bachelor's degrees are the real key to higher and higher academic success. With a bachelor's degree, you can go on to obtain your master's level degree if you so desire. It is also important to note that having a bachelor's degree in a completely unrelated area is no reason to despair. There are many master's level programs out there that are more than willing to accept students from varied academic backgrounds. Such programs appreciate the diversity and the unique perspective that these students bring to their programs. So, no matter where you are in life or what your undergraduate degree happens to be in, a master's degree is not out of your reach. These degrees can be earned, typically, in as little as one to three years, and programs tend to be designed with busy, working adults in mind, making it easy to balance a challenging work or family schedule with pursuing your education.

For the truly ambitious, there are also PhD programs. PhDs, like master's degrees, can be obtained by those with unrelated backgrounds, though they will often take a bit longer to complete. While these higher level degrees are rarely, if ever, required for positions in the field, they can earn you maximum amounts of money and some of the top positions in the field once they are earned. You can even earn them while you are already working in the field and, in many cases, your employer may be willing to finance all or part of your education for you.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Maine:

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