Nevada Database Administration Salary

Probably the biggest thing people want to know before they embark on any new career, especially a career in database administration which has a reputation for being quite lucrative, is what kind of salary they can expect to make. In the state of Nevada, however, as it pertains to database administration, there is not one hard and fast easy answer to this question. While an average salary can certainly be computed (and will be in the course of this article) there is no guarantee that you, in your career as a database administrator, will make this amount. Remember, that an average salary means that there are still people above and below this line.

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According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a database administration professional in the state of Nevada is approximately $81,000 per year. Remember, though, that a great many factors can influence what your salary will be, so you should not depend too heavily on this figure. If, however, you happen to be making or offered a salary well below this range, it should serve as a red flag and perhaps even as a impetus to move you on to bigger and better things.

We all, of course, wish to make the maximum salary possible and, no matter who you are and where you may happen to be in your life and/or in your career, you are capable of doing certain things to raise your salary. The first is simply to increase your education! Did you know that the higher your educational level above a high school diploma or its equivalent, the larger a salary you can expect to bring home each year? This means that if you do not have a degree, you should strive for one. If you have an associate's degree, go for a bachelor's degree. If you have a bachelor's degree, strive for a master's degree. If you have a master's degree, aim for a doctoral degree. If you have a doctoral degree, take continuing education courses or a certification program. No matter where you may happen to be right now in your education, your educational efforts will show in your salary right away.

In addition to furthering your education, you might also think about furthering your experience level. This is especially important for those who are seeking employment in the field or who are still in school. For these individuals, taking on an internship can be an extremely wise decision. Internships are experiential learning opportunities, which may be paid, unpaid, or even taken for school credit, and which allow you to gain experience and build a resume while fostering important connections in the field. These are connections that can lead to employment in the field, either immediately or later on down the road. Even if they do not lead directly to employment, they can provide you with help and much needed guidance in you r career path. If you are well past this stage, just do your best to stay at your position or in a similar line of work for as long as possible. The less "bouncing around" there is on your resume, the better it will reflect upon you, your reliability and your stability, and on your work ethic.

Keep in mind too that where you live in the state can play a part. Database administration jobs in larger cities tend to pay quite a bit better than the same jobs in more rural areas. This is, of course partly due to the higher cost of living, but also to a greater demand for qualified professionals.

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