What are the Wages for a Database Administrator in New Mexico?

If you have dreams of becoming a database administrator in the state of New Mexico, then there is no doubt that you have a lot of questions. Undoubtedly, you want to know about what it is like to work in the field, what it takes to get the position of your dreams, and what jobs are available. The biggest question on your mind, however, is most likely about what salary you can expect to make in your new career. That answer, however, is not an easy one to give. It depends on quite a few factors, factors which, quite fortunately, you have a great deal of control over.

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Before we go into what you can do to increase the salary you will make from the very start, let us discuss the average salary in the state. According to the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average salary for a database administration professional is approximately $73,000 per year in the state of New Mexico. The highest paid professionals, however, are those who work for computer system design companies and/or corporations. These professionals receive an average yearly salary of approximately $81,000 per year. This disparity in salary should tell you, right off the bat, that the place in which you work and also the capacity plays a large role in determining what your salary is likely to be.

Obviously, those working in computer system design companies tend to take home quite a large chunk of change, especially when compared to other professionals across the board. In general, those who work for large corporations or companies make much more than, for example, those who work for smaller businesses or who are self employed or who are freelancers. Generally speaking, the larger the entity that you choose and/or are chosen to work for, the more money you can make. Of course, this is not to say that you should choose your workplace based on salary alone, but it is definitely something to consider when applying for jobs or when considering job offers, should you be so lucky.

Sometimes, though, where you work does not have to matter all that much. Oftentimes, your level of education can play an even larger role in determining your salary level, especially initially. Those with associate's degrees, for example, which can typically be earned with minimal effort on your part in only about two years on average, tend to start out at the lowest salary levels and at the lowest level positions. If you have a bachelor's degree, you can get a much better start, and you can fare even better with a master's level degree or even a coveted doctoral level degree. Even if you already have the highest level degree possible, you can further increase your starting salary by opting for certification programs or some kind of continuing education. The more you know, the better you start out, and the more quickly you will be able to progress.

Of course, experience plays a role as well, sometimes more so than education. This is why it is so advisable for each and every new entrant to the field to take on an internship whenever possible. Internships may be paid, unpaid, or even taken for school credit for current students. When done well, they have the power to build up a resume and a starting salary substantially, so definitely take any opportunity that comes your way. Plus, once you start working, do your best to be a good worker and to prove yourself invaluable to your job.

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