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Database Administrators serve an integral role for a company. They must make sure the company’s database systems operate smoothly and with maximum performance. When there are new employees, database administrators add them to the system, and remove employees once they terminate employment. Database administrators must determine the company’s database needs, which oftentimes include setting up and organizing new databases. Other duties of database administrators include: installing new software, monitoring security, and configuring hardware and software with the system administrator. Individuals who enjoy problem solving and technology may be interested in a career as a database administrator. A bachelor’s degree is oftentimes a prerequisite for getting a job as a database administrator, while some jobs just require an associate’s degree.

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The BSIT/Database Emphasis at Kaplan University Online prepares students for career advancement in the IT field. The courses in this program teach the appropriate knowledge and skills for a career in the database side of information technology.

The Database Emphasis focuses on data control and creating solutions for data storage, which includes recovery operations. Techniques for transferring database information to devices, like wireless units, is another skill gained from this program.


Microsoft SQL Server is one of the main programs used in database administration. Certifications such as the Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS) and Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) also provide excellent skills for database administrators who want a more targeted framework for their technical skills.

Salary for Database Administrator

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual salary for database administrators was $64,670 in 2006. According to this survey, the lowest 10 percent made less than $37,000 per year and the highest 10 percent made more than $103,000 annually. Those employed in computer systems design made significantly greater salaries than those database administrators in management of companies.

Of course, since these numbers are not current, the mean salary is now greater than that number. The specific salary you can expect is dependent on geographic location, company size, and specific job responsibilities. Education requirements vary based on the difficulty of the actual job and the company’s needs.

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Salaries by State

Database administration salaries, like that with most fields, varies greatly from one geographic location to the other. Below is a breakdown of average for each state. This information may be helpful for you to compare the salary in this field from one state in to another. Oftentimes college graduates are unsure of where they’ll live upon graduation and are excited to spread their wings and perhaps relocate. This will provide a start comparison to help guide you on which states pay better for this field. Regardless of the state you choose to live in, database administration is a lucrative field across the board. The below numbers only represent an average salary for each state derived from job postings. These averages do not represent every database administration salary for these states as some can pay lower or higher than the average given. These numbers were compiled from

Alabama : $83,000
Alaska : $71,000
Arizona : $66,000
Arkansas : $82,000
California : $76,000
Colorado : $69,000
Connecticut : $84,000
Delaware : $74,000
District of Columbia : $92,000
Florida : $73,000
Georgia : $84,000
Hawaii : $58,000
Idaho : $65,000
Illinois : $80,000
Indiana : $74,000
Iowa : $75,000
Kansas : $70,000
Kentucky : $68,000
Louisiana : $75,000
Maine : $55,000
Maryland : $82,000
Massachusetts : $87,000
Michigan : $78,000
Minnesota : $69,000
Mississippi : $84,000
Missouri : $75,000
Montana : $57,000
Nebraska : $70,000
Nevada : $72,000
New Hampshire : $65,000
New Jersey : $84,000
New Mexico : $93,000
New York : $90,000
North Carolina : $77,000
North Dakota : $73,000
Ohio : $76,000
Oklahoma : $71,000
Oregon : $77,000
Pennsylvania : $73,000
Rhode Island : $76,000
South Carolina : $64,000
South Dakota : $69,000
Tennessee : $76,000
Texas : $73,000
Utah : $65,000
Vermont : $70,000
Virginia : $87,000
Washington : $75,000
West Virginia : $92,000
Wisconsin : $60,000
Wyoming : $89,000

*Median annual salary, according to May 2006 BLS data.

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