Colorado Graphic Design Schools

Colorado Graphic Design Salaries & Working Conditions:

As demand for graphic designers continues to increase from computer design firms and advertisers, the field is expected to grow 13% by 2018. In Colorado, the best opportunities will be for graphic designers with animation and web site design experience.

colorado graphic design schools

A list of average graphic design salaries for Colorado is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
Graphic Designer $3,900 $47,000
Multimedia Designer $4,580 $55,000
Production Artist $4,250 $51,000
Art Director $6,300 $76,000
Source: 2009    

Graphic Design Industry Outlook For Colorado:

Colorado offers many rich opportunities for the graphic design student. A graphic design artist uses images and visual messages the same way that writer uses words to convey a message. Graphic design is all around us, everyday, everywhere. Once our eyes are opened to the way our life is guided by graphic design and the image and messages conveyed, often very subtly, we gain a respect for the amount of influence a career in this field can have.

As a graphic design artist, you have the choice to incorporate your own designs into your work or draw from a bank of stock photos or software. Colorado is a beautiful state that would inspire any artist.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Colorado:

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