Hawaii Graphic Design Schools

Hawaii Graphic Design Salaries & Working Conditions:

Living expenses are high and salaries are below the national average, however, if the islands speak to you, your quality of daily life in Hawaii could far exceed the need for more money. This is not to say that with the right experience and eductation a much higher than average salary could be found. There are award winning graphic design companies to work for in Hawaii and seeking an education there will allow for the networking opportunities needed to secure a position.

hawaii graphic design schools

A list of average graphic design salaries for Hawaii is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
Graphic Designer $3,500 $42,000
Multimedia Designer $4,160 $50,000
Production Artist $3,830 $46,000
Art Director $5,660 $68,000
Source: Indeed.com 2009    

Graphic Design Industry Outlook For Hawaii:

Hawaii screams to be recorded in art mediums. The islands are far removed from the continental US but what it lacks in proximity and convenience, it more than makes up in inspiration for the graphic artist. Finding steady work in Hawaii can be a challenge at times but the flexibility of the freelance graphic artist would allow for the best of both worlds. Time moves slower in the islands and time spent pursuing your graphic design education in Hawaii would allow for your artistic creativity to find its natural gait. Acquiring a wide array of knowledge in the graphic design field would serve you well on the islands.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Hawaii:

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