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Iowa Graphic Design Schools

Iowa Graphic Design Salaries & Working Conditions:

The salaries and working conditions for Iowa vary depending on the area of graphic design a professional enters into and the amount of education he/she has achieved. Working conditions can vary from a well-lit, clean office and a normal work schedule, to a freelance home office. As a graphic designer you could experience the spectrum during your career.

iowa graphic design schools

A list of average graphic design salaries for Iowa is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
Graphic Designer $4,300 $52,000
Multimedia Designer $5,080 $61,000
Production Artist $4,600 $56,000
Art Director $6,900 $83,000
Source: Indeed.com 2009    

Graphic Design Industry Outlook For Iowa:

There are at least twelve different schools offering graphic design for the state of Iowa. The friendly people and Midwestern culture of Iowa make this state a positive choice for your education. There are many more options for a professional in the field of graphic design than most people are aware of. Some of these possibilities are:

  • Creative Director / Art Director In charge of a team of designers
  • Brand Identity Designer Mold how a company is viewed
  • Logo Designer - Molds the companies image using color, type & graphics
  • Flash Designer Flash Animations
  • Website Designer Design pages for the web

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Iowa:

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