Kentucky Graphic Design Schools

Kentucky Graphic Design Salaries & Working Conditions:

Kentucky has many stellar schools for graphic design. Finding your niche and specializing in that area could greatly increase your salary potential and desirability. As a state, Kentucky salaries are right in line with the national average. However, the cost of living in Kentucky is much lower than the national average creating a beneficial career situation if you choose Kentucky as the location to embark on your graphic design career.

kentucky graphic design schools

A list of average graphic design salaries for Kentucky is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
Graphic Designer $4,400 $53,000
Multimedia Designer $5,160 $62,000
Production Artist $4,800 $58,000
Art Director $7,080 $85,000
Source: 2009    

Graphic Design Industry Outlook For Kentucky:

Kentucky has a rich history of producing top notch graphic designers and would be a wonderful place to seek your graphic design education. Many areas of specialization are available from Kentucky schools and one area to consider is book design. As a book designer you can work as a freelance graphic designer or you may be employed directly by the book publisher. Being up-to-date on design technology is crucial for a successful career as a book designer.

Adobe Photoshop for work with photography and Adobe Illustrator for original artwork are just two of the software packages you will need to be proficient with. As a book designer, you may be involved with cover design, cover or jacket design, page layout and typography selection and working with a deadline is something you should be comfortable with.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Kentucky:

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