Maryland Graphic Design Schools

Maryland Graphic Design Salaries & Working Conditions:

Salaries for the state of Maryland are 21% higher than the national average, making this area a highly desirable place to work. The movement towards web site design for a career in graphic design has opened up the possibility for graphic designers to work from home. This is a convenient, cost-effective and efficient option for hiring companies.

maryland graphic design schools

A list of average graphic design salaries for Maryland is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
Graphic Designer $5,330 $64,000
Multimedia Designer $6,250 $75,000
Production Artist $5,830 $70,000
Art Director $8,580 $103,000
Source: 2009    

Graphic Design Industry Outlook For Maryland:

Maryland is a viable and cutting edge location to seek your graphic design training. There are ever-emerging trends in the design world and it is critical to stay abreast of these to remain at the top of your game. Some of these graphic design trends are:

  • Simple Layouts less is more
  • Plaid Designs both online and print
  • The Use of Blue Calming and Pleasing Effect on People
  • Textured Designs adds Interest and Realism to Designs

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Maryland:

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