New Jersey Graphic Design Schools

Graphic Design Industry Outlook in New Jersey:

New Jersey prides itself on offering the best public education in the whole country. Notable universities in New Jersey include Rutgers and Princeton and citizens of this state take education seriously. Obtaining a degree in graphic design in this state will prepare you to enter the work force with strong skills to offer. Multimedia is an area of graphic design that is growing and causing the continued expansion of the graphic design industry.

new jersey graphic design schools

Even if you do not specialize in an area that involves the World Wide Web, you should be computer savvy enough to post your portfolio on the internet and create a web site for future clients to review your work. Without this to offer, you will be placing yourself behind the completion in a highly competitive field. However, if you take the timed to plan and prepare, you will be able to enjoy a lucrative career as a graphic design specialist.

New Jersey Graphic Design Salaries and Working Conditions:

Of the top ten states with the highest cost of living, New Jersey ranks number four. Good thing the average salary for a graphic designer is 6% higher than the rest of the country. Seek out an education that prepares you for a technology-based professional and society and you will be a step ahead of the completion for your graphic design position in New Jersey.

A list of average New Jersey graphic design salaries is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
Graphic Designer $4,600 $56,000
Multimedia Designer $5,500 $66,000
Production Artist $5,250 $63,000
Art Director $7,500 $90,000

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in New Jersey:

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