South Carolina Graphic Design Schools

Graphic Design Industry Outlook in South Carolina:

South Carolina is an excellent choice in which to pursue your degree in graphic design and your professional career. There are numerous schools offering top notch educations throughout the state. In this age of endless available information and choices, it is imperative that you take the time to research each school before making your decision on the best one for you. A key factor to be aware of is that some schools are accredited and some are not. What this means is that the schools has been inspected by a governing body such as the US Department of Education and that governing body has found that the curriculum meets their educational standards.

south carolina graphic design schools

These accredited schools also must maintain an on-going system of improvements as advances are made in the arts. Selecting an accredited school of graphic design, many of which are available in South Carolina will insure that you will obtain the most up-to-date education possible. As graphic design becomes more and mores technologically dependant, it is crucial to remain up-to-date.

South Carolina Graphic Design Salaries and Working Conditions:

South Carolina provides many opportunities for the graphic design student and professional, and artistic inspiration is everywhere. The cost of living in this beautiful coastal state is lower than the national average, creating a situation where your salary earned as a graphic design professional can carry you further on your financial road of success.

A list of average South Carolina graphic design salaries is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
Graphic Designer $3,660 $44,000
Multimedia Designer $4,410 $53,000
Production Artist $4,250 $51,000
Art Director $6,080 $73,000

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in South Carolina:

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