Help Desk Tech Jobs

Helpdesk Techs make up the IT support of a company; helping other employees with problems they encounter while using their desktop PCs. If you arrive at work one day, sitting down with your nice hot cup of coffee, and realize your email system is down, or that you’re getting a strange error on your computer screen, the help desk is the first place called upon for assistance. These individuals are problem solvers and are counted on a million times to “save the day” when a computer isn’t working as it should.

Oftentimes there are several levels of help desk professionals. For instance, the first level may ask a lot of questions and check certain things, along with fixing fairly simple problems. For more complex problems, the level one help desk tech may have to escalate the call to the next level. These professionals also route questions and issues to those who specialize in certain applications or hardware. For instance, a problem may require a server reboot. The help desk person would need to notify the appropriate people to actually perform the reboot.

In larger companies help desk techs are normally the middle men between the DBM, developers, and hardware technicians.  In smaller companies they would handle the problems directly.  Helpdesk techs will normally know the current business setup of hardware and software and will have the ability to troubleshoot any problem or send the person to the correct location to have the problem fixed.  The helpdesk techs offer support for anyone in the company from a part time employee to software developers and executives.  If there is anything computer related that is broken, the techs would be the first people called to help. 

For individuals who wish to become help desk techs or at least start their technology career in this role, a computer applications degree may be the perfect fit for this profession since it focuses on the use of a variety of computer hardware and software applications.

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