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How to become an IT Professional.

Because of the size of the information technology sector, one of the choices many people make when transitioning to an IT career is to select one that will utilize their previous experience.

A graphics artist that wants to build a business designing web pages must be literate in HTML, naturally, and must know how to work with Java and some of the other products designed for web publishing.  You can obtain those sorts of skills from certification courses and online education programs

The same is true of the office worker that wants to become an in-house networking expert.  You can learn the basics of networking through online programs, but in the process you should also get certified in Microsoft’s products, especially Windows and Windows NT. 

A marketer that wants to learn how to become an SEO expert needs to learn how the search engines work and what the ever-changing protocols are at Google, Yahoo and MSN.  Beyond that, it’s important to understand web design and its effect on the search process.  Your primary skill will be as copywriter, but you’ll need to develop an understanding of databases and must be able to track clients’ results on their sites. 

If you’re interested in heavy lifting and want to become a systems manager or network design specialist, you’ll need to go to school.  If you have no experience, a bachelors’ degree in computer science; MIS or in networking is going to be necessary.  If you’ve been managing data for a while, polish your resume with training in some of the popular CRM products – go to Oracle or SAS school.  These certification classes often are no more than six weeks in length and with the right employer, will hit the bulls eye.

Information Technology Student, Technology Schools, Technical Universities, IT studentInformation technology is hot with many career paths including artificial intelligence, robotics, interactive media and web design, network management, programming, and computer forensics. You can increase your marketability by earning IT certifications offered through Microsoft in database administration, systems engineering, applications development.



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Class of 2006 Base Salary for Technology Graduates.

Computer Hardware
Computer Software
General High Technology
Information Technology Manager
Multimedia Production
Software Publishers
Computer Systems Design

• $95,000
• $95,000
• $96,500
• $74,000
• $100,00
• $98,125
• $107,870
• $103,850

Significant Points

• Employment in Information Technology and Information Systems is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2014.

• Many Occupants possess advanced technical knowledge gained from working in a computer occupation.

• Job opportunities will be best for applicants with computer-related work experience; a masterís degree in business administration (MBA) with technology as a core component, or a management information systems degree; and strong communication and administrative skills.

Technical Careers are in demand!

If you’re studying the job market, take a stroll through the library of information provided by the U.S. Department of Labor and its Bureau of Labor Statistics.  You can begin with this quote from the DOL High Growth Industry Profile:  “Information Technology (IT) is the fastest growing sector in the economy with a 68% increase in output growth rate projected between 2002 and 2012” (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

If you’re wondering whether we’ll become a nation of geeks, the answer is no.  One of the startling statistics on this issue, from another source: “92% of all IT workers are in non-IT companies, 80% of which are in small companies.” (Information Technology Association of America).

That speaks to the ubiquitous nature of the computer in our business functions.  They’re everywhere and they become more adept and a wider range of functions every day.  Because the huge majority of IT jobs are outside the business of information technology, people who are capable IT operatives with experience in other businesses such as health care, marketing, financial services or production and operations are well positioned. 

That makes “IT as a second career” an excellent choice for someone who needs to make a transition.  Your experience to date plus training in an information technology skill will very quickly leverage you into an important position in the industry you’ve been involved with. 

Once more from the DOL: “IT remains a critical aspect of work in all industries and sectors, as well as an industry in its own right. However, America continues to suffer from a shortage of qualified IT workers with flexible and portable skills who can readily adapt and respond to ever-changing IT demands and processes.”

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