Connecticut Computer Information Security Schools

What do Connecticut Information Security Professionals Do?

Individuals entering the work force could be responsible for data loss, providing security awareness training. All types of companies with important information will have on-going risks and there will be a constant need for audits, maintenance and updating of systems. There is also a need for creating new policies, systems and standards for start-up businesses.

connecticut information security schools

As of 2009, many Connecticut graduates in Information Security or related degrees were working in careers including the following areas:

  • Risk Awareness and Loss Prevention
  • Data Storage Support
  • Record Management
  • Law Enforcement or Cyber Forensics

Current Employment Opportunities and Salaries in Connecticut

No business, no matter what the size is immune to breaches of security. Smart companies have started up that are now providing information protection as a service, and they are looking for people with a degree and technical skills. These services have a wide range of clients and a growing need for qualified staff to manage security.  Full time positions being offered include:

  • Information Protection Specialist
  • User Support Data Manager
  • Vendor Security Specialist
  • Web Channel Solutions Manager

connecticut information security schools

A list of average Connecticut Information Security salaries is available below:

Position   Annually
Security Analyst   $110,000
Network Technician   $28,000
Security Analyst / Administration System   $70,000
Desktop Support   $98,000

What’s Interesting in Connecticut?

Companies in this top industrial state include Goodrich Corporation, Xerox, Northwestern Mutual Financial, Aetna Inc., and Pitney Bowes. The oldest newspaper (1764) was and continues to be published and Connecticut is the hub of the insurance industry.

Good News for Connecticut Information Security

The University of Connecticut is conducting research and publishing reports on the subject. The Attorney General is quite active on the issue of information security, and there are news stories and on-going potential law suits that will make history – surely this is the hot spot for an expert in the field.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Connecticut:

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