Kentucky Computer Information Security Schools

What do Kentucky Information Security Professionals Do?

Data protection is important to any business in the bluegrass state. Many information security professionals may be employed by the auto industry - Kentucky is currently ranked fourth in production of automobiles in the United States. Other security positions may be for farm/agriculture companies or the tobacco industry. Though a bachelor’s degree and experience are definitely a plus, there are currently opportunities for those with 2-year degree that offer training and even a few jobs offered for students. Information security careers in Kentucky can be found in:

  • Corporate Security
  • Education
  • Consumer Protection
  • Research Analysis

kentucky information security schools

Current Employment Opportunities and Salaries in Kentucky

Current full time positions that can be found in information security in Kentucky include:

  • Medical Records Specialist
  • Systems Storage Manager
  • Technical Support Advisor

A list of average Kentucky Information Security salaries is available below:

Position   Annually
Management Information Systems Security   $64,000
Information Assurance Specialist   $70,000
Programmer Analyst   $76,000
Information Assurance Specialist   $73,000

kentucky information security schools

What’s Interesting in Kentucky?

Of course The Kentucky Derby, the oldest horse race in the country, Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Corvette must get mention. This state is “strictly business” as well; companies include Fruit of the Loom, Toyota North America, and has its company warehouse here (sales of over eight hundred million dollars in 2007). Surely these companies are a good place to look for jobs in all divisions of information security.

Good News for Kentucky Information Security

The bad news is that the University of Kentucky was a victim of cyber attack in late 2009, when a private file was accessed through the public website. The good news is that this has created urgency for information security in the university system and across the state.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Kentucky:

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