Maryland Computer Information Security Schools

What do Maryland Information Security Professionals Do?

One needs only to look at a security breach log to find out different areas of expertise in the area of information assurance. IS professionals will combat hacking, computer theft, employee theft, unauthorized access, lost back-up drives and many other cyber attacks. There will be many jobs whose only function is to prevent accidental exposure of information over the Internet. Information security career options in Maryland within the field include:

  • Nuclear Cyber Security
  • Network Defense Support
  • Identity Theft Prevention Advisor
  • Specialist in Medical or Financial Record Protection

maryland information security schools

Current Employment Opportunities and Salaries in Maryland

Information systems require constant maintenance, regular updates and installation of new technology. Cyber theft has now become a daily occurrence -the need for skilled professionals will only grow. Those now considering education in information security could have employment options in almost any industry. Full-time positions that are available immediately include:

  • Data Architect
  • Server Administrator
  • Help Desk Analyst
  • Technical Security Specialist

A list of average Maryland Information Security salaries is available below:

Position   Annually
Information Security Officer   $125,000
Security Engineer   $80,000
IA Security Analyst   $95,000
Lead Network Security Software Developer   $120,000

maryland information security schools

What’s Interesting in Maryland?

Maryland has been home to the US Naval Academy since 1845, the first school in the United States (1696), the first telegraph transmission, and the first dental school at the University of Maryland. Annapolis also once served as the capital of the United States. Top Companies include Black & Decker Corp., Town and Country Trust, McCormick &Co., Tesco Technologies and Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Good News for Maryland Information Security

In 2008 the Maryland Attorney General stated that any business that “retains consumer records is required to notify a resident of Maryland if his or her information is compromised”. This has become known as the ‘security breach law’ and calls for the business to notify the office of the AG. Since 2007 The University of Maryland has been conducting specific studies on the number of attempts and attacks on average network systems.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Maryland:

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