Rhode Island Computer Information Security Schools

What do Rhode Island Information Security Professionals Do?

A trained security professionalís main responsibility is to make sure information gets to the right place and that is also stays in the proper hands. Duties may remain the same, but as technology advances, so will the information protection programs and infrastructures that handle critical data. Graduates with an information security degree in Rhode Island may consider careers in:

  • Human Resource Records Management
  • Electronic Banking
  • Emergency Response Team
  • Data Recovery

rhode island information security schools

Current Employment Opportunities and Salaries in Rhode Island

Companies that do not specialize in critical data still have a need to handle information if they are involved with the public. Education in this fast growing field is a solid bet that will continue to pay off. Full-time positions that are available immediately in information security in Rhode Island include:

  • Information Security Tech Lead (Providence)
  • Data Exchange Specialist (Providence)
  • Data Center Manager (Providence)
  • Medical Coding (Newport)
  • Coding Auditor (Providence)

A list of average Rhode Island Information Security salaries is available below:

Position   Annually
Business Analyst   $75,000
Network Security Tech Support   $82,000
Network Security Consultant   $75,000
Software Engineer   $125,000

rhode island information security schools

Whatís Interesting in Rhode Island?

By land area Rhode Island is the smallest state, but still has the benefits of being bordered by the New England states, including Connecticut and Massachusetts. Health Services could be a smart area to concentrate on since it is the largest industry. There are a high number of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies located in Providence and other RI cities Ė among them are Citizenís Financial and Amica Mutual Insurance.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Rhode Island:

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