Wisconsin Computer Information Security Schools

What do Wisconsin Information Security Professionals Do?

Professionals protect and monitor information networks. Some may choose to specialize in a specific area such as writing security programs, while others may choose a broader position at a small company that would cover all aspects of information security. Graduates with a degree in information security in Wisconsin may consider these areas of specialty:

  • Investigation and Data Recovery
  • Financial Security Strategy
  • Law or Medical Records Management
  • Information Assurance Educator
  • Cyber Security

wisconsin information security schools

Current Employment Opportunities and Salaries in Wisconsin

The majority of information security positions in Wisconsin are in Milwaukee and Madison – though there are openings for information professionals in most every city. Information security sales job are advertising first year salaries of $40,000 - $85,000. Education and skills can be put to use immediately. Full-time positions now being offered:

  • IS Manager – Records and Information Management
  • Information Processing Leader
  • Medical Records Technical Support Leader
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Data Security Analyst

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A list of average Wisconsin Information Security salaries is available below:

Position   Annually
Information Sepcialist   $45,000
Senior Analyst   $75,000
Clinical Information Analyst   $44,000
Desktop Support   $42,000

What’s Interesting in Wisconsin?

Though everyone knows this state for the dairy industry, Wisconsin is also famous for the first typewriter, the first Ringling Brothers Circus and is home to Harley Davidson motorcycles. Large companies include TDS Telecom, JP Morgan, Kohl’s Corporate and The University of Wisconsin. And in Wisconsin Wal-Mart has over one hundred positions available within information technology.

News for Wisconsin Information Security

The most current news is in Madison, WI. Court Records are now available for online access by the public. The State Assembly is considering limiting this access and will soon vote on the issue. The records now get close to four million views a day and law makers are afraid that landlords and employers are using the information found in court cases to discriminate. Though all information would still be available in hard copy, media and freedom of information supporters are strongly against the bill.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Wisconsin:

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