Alabama Information Systems Schools

Computer Information Systems Industry Outlook in Alabama:

According to, an online career monitor, Alabama’s fastest growing careers over the next decade will be in health care and information technology (IT). Computer Information Systems careers in the state are expected to grow significantly faster than the economy as a whole.

alabama computer information system schools

Computer Information Systems career fields are growing as modern business becomes continually complex and interdependent on numerous and simultaneous areas of technology. Of the vast field of Information Systems, those that will rank among the most important and thus, in demand practice areas in Alabama are the following:

  • Network systems and data communications analysis
  • Computer software engineering
  • Database administration
  • Network systems administration
  • Computer support specialization
  • Information systems management

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Alabama Computer Information Systems Salaries and Areas of Occupation:

Computer Information Systems salaries in the state of Alabama are slightly higher than those of the national average. Benefits in the region are also better than average, ranging from private employers to government positions, such as those in criminal justice and state and local government. When added to the state’s generally lower average cost of living, a career in Alabama Information Systems makes great sense for the next decade and beyond.

A list of Alabama average salaries for Information Systems professionals is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
25th Percentile $6,200 $74,600
75th Percentile $9,900 $118,600
90th Percentile $11,900 $143,000
Median Salary $7,800 $93,900

Source: 2009

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Alabama:

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