Arkansas Information Systems Schools

Computer Information Systems Industry Outlook in Arkansas:

Forecasted state trends for Arkansasí Computer Information Systems industry are for a 26 percent increase in jobs over the coming decade. This is roughly 10 percent higher than the national average, at just 16 percent. The reason for this increase, however, is two-fold; first and foremost, Arkansas has only recently become a leader in big business. With the growth of corporations such as Walmart, Tyson Foods, Murphy Oil and Alltel, tasks from logistics to payroll will become ever more complex. As Arkansas continues to grow, so will technology.

arkansas computer information system schools

The second reason, thus, is that Arkansas is relatively new to a large-scale technology sector, in relation to states such as New York, Texas or California. For that reason, those in Arkansas who wish to become part of the Information Systems sector are encouraged to begin training now, as the field will become more and more competitive.

Those who wish to begin an education in this field should research schools and programs in their area, both campus-based and online. With such a wide variety of careers and work environments, one should take advantage of the vast options available. Some of the most common areas of study for Arkansas Information Systems professionals in 2009 were:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Information Resources Management
  • Information Science/Studies
  • Knowledge Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Operations Management and Supervision
  • System Administration/Administrator

Arkansas Computer Information Systems Salaries and Areas of Occupation:

Information Systems salaries in Arkansas are roughly 17 percent below the national average, yet significantly above the state and regional average for household income. As technology continues to gain in its share of how the world does business, those with the skills to administer and manage Information Systems will receive higher than average compensation.  

A list of average Arkansas computer information systems salaries is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
25th Percentile $5,400 $65,200
75th Percentile $10,000 $120,000
90th Percentile $12,800 $154,100
Median Salary $7,250 $87,000

Source: 2009

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Arkansas:

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