Georgia Information Systems Schools

Computer Information Systems Industry Outlook in Georgia:

2009 saw the state of Georgia increase its numbers of Computer Information Systems professionals to nearly 12 thousand in managerial positions alone. This number is also expected to increase by at least 16 percent over the coming decade, with job openings in a vast number of different industries, career fields, companies and government agencies.

georgia computer information system schools

More than 72 percent of those currently working in the Information Systems fields throughout Georgia have completed at least a four-year degree, if not higher. Common fields of study for these individuals includes:

  • Bio-imaging
  • Distributed information systems
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Databases, vision and image processing
  • Theory, algorithms & bioinformatics
  • Scientific computing & simulation
  • Real time systems
  • Virtual reality
  • Evolutionary computing
  • Artificial intelligence

Those looking into a career utilizing the skills above are encouraged to view a list of programs, both online and campus-based, that fit their schedule and career goals. This site also provides an in depth view of the careers and daily tasks for a professional in these exciting  and demanding fields.

Georgia Computer Information Systems Salaries and Areas of Occupation:

The median income for a Computer Information Systems specialist in the state of Georgia was over $105,000 in 2009, according to, and online technology industry monitor. This is roughly six percent below the nation’s average for the industry as a whole, yet far above Georgia’s average household income during the same time period.

Moreover, when considering Georgia’s general lower average cost of living when compared to many other states, salaries and benefits for Information Systems professionals are quite good indeed. Many of the state’s government agencies will be hiring a significant amount of information systems professionals over the coming decade. These positions generally come with excellent retirement and health care benefits.

A table of Georgia average salaries for the Information Systems sector is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
25th Percentile $6,950 $83,500
75th Percentile $11,000 $133,000
90th Percentile $13,500 $162,700
Median Salary $8,800 $105,600

Source: 2009

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Georgia:

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