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Nevada Information Systems Schools

Computer Information Systems Industry Outlook in Nevada:

The state of Nevada has had a tough run over the 2008 and 2009 years. Home to a huge boom and bust cycle, Nevada has been hit hard by the financial crisis of the past years. Property values have fallen and many have left the state. Very few industries have survived besides gaming, yet there is one sector that is still thriving. The technology sector, and Computer Information Systems in particular have continued to grow, expecting a whopping 39 percent growth by 2016. This is the highest in the nation, far higher than the national average of a still impressive 17 percent.

nevada information system schools

Many of Nevada’s recent Information Systems graduates have found work in a variety of settings throughout the state. Many in 2009 were located in the following career fields, working on the implementation of Information Systems for:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Communication Systems & Networking
  • Programming
  • Computational Complexity
  • Computer Graphics & Image Processing
  • Industry
  • Business
  • Government Agencies
  • Education & Research

With such a wide range of degree programs and ensuing career choices, visitors are encouraged to browse a vast number of degree programs available, in order to find one that fits your lifestyle, budget, schedule, and most importantly your future career goals.

Nevada Computer Information Systems Salaries and Areas of Occupation:

As Nevada has begun to recover from the recent downturn, so too have salaries for the state’s workers. However, these salaries are still struggling in many industries. Not so for Computer Information Systems. At roughly $95,000 per year, the median income for a professional in this field is quite impressive. Likewise, when compared to Nevada’s generally lower cost of living, this amount seems quite lucrative indeed. Additionally, starting salaries, at nearly $55,000 annually for recent graduates of a four-year degree program or higher, are well above most others in the state and around the country.

In these uncertain times, many recent graduates have turned increasingly to government and non-profit agencies, where public benefits including retirement and health care often outperform those of private business and industry. There are always, however, those who look for the highest salary, and many times, this can be found most often in private enterprise. Additionally, as technology continues to grow, Information Systems graduates are increasingly opening up their own businesses and companies, providing services needed by both private and public businesses and agencies alike.

A table of Nevada average salaries for the Information Systems sector is available below:

Position Monthly Annual
25th Percentile $6,250 $75,000
75th Percentile $9,700 $116,500
90th Percentile $11,650 $140,000
Median Salary $7,875 $94,500

Source: Salary.com 2009

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Nevada:

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