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Experience deeply affects information technology salaries in Nevada and throughout the country. As the information technology field grows with each passing year, more and more individuals are interested in leaving behind their old jobs to embark on a new career in information technology. Oftentimes individuals like the job security and the high salaries associated with information technology careers. While all salaries for information technology professionals are pretty consistent across the board, there are numerous factors that affect the amount of money individuals make as information technology professionals. Not all IT specialists make the same amount of money because salaries vary per geographic location. In addition, experience is one of the greatest contributing factors in regards to how much people will make as an IT professional.

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New Grads/Inexperienced-In the state of Nevada, entry-level information technology specialists make an average of $45,000-$50,000 a year. For individuals coming from different professions, this entry-level salary is ideal. However, more experienced by IT professionals would consider these amounts average and in some cases, below average depending on their experience level and skill sets. Many new graduates are willing to accept this particular salary as it is high for an entry level position when compared to other professions. As new graduates gain experience, many of them will seek higher salaries that are reflective of their current technological capabilities. Furthermore, as new graduates obtaining certifications and state and national information technology licenses, a desire for a higher salary is likely. In general, new graduates that possess at least a bachelor's degree in information technology are more likely to earn the maximum entry-level information technology salary in Nevada.

Experienced/Seasoned Professionals-People with significant information technology experience are able to obtain very competitive salaries in Nevada. Such individuals usually possess at least a bachelor's degree in information technology and several years of verifiable experience. Employers are always seeking quality trained information technology specialists that can provide comprehensive computing and technology services. Most businesses are willing to pay handsome salaries to individuals that possess significant technology experience. The main reason for this is most employers would prefer to pay one individual a high salary with the assurance that this particular individual is capable of handling a variety of computing tasks. This eliminates the need to employee multiple individuals for less complicated information technology duties. Experienced information technology specialists are highly sought after for their comprehensive knowledge and expertise.

Managerial Professionals-Opportunities to earn close to six figure salaries as information technology professionals is possible in Nevada. Many of these individuals earning these types of salaries have years of technology experience and post graduate degrees in information technology. Oftentimes these individuals become the owners of major technology companies or managers within various companies. In addition, a number of seasoned IT professionals decide to accept managerial positions, which greatly increases their earning potential.

Self-employment-One of the best ways to earn a very lucrative salary in information technology in Nevada is through self-employment. By removing the middle man, many experienced information technology specialists are making upwards of $50,000 a year. This is mainly because self-employed IT professionals retain all income from their clients. This allows them to earn substantial amounts of money by providing technology services to the public. While self-employment is not an option for everyone, individuals with years of verifiable technology experience have the potential to earn excellent salaries as information technology professionals in Nevada.

Overall, it is very obvious that experience plays a significant factor in the amount of money individuals earn as IT professionals. By gaining experience, information technology specialists have the potential to earn higher than average salaries for their computer experience.

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