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“Computer software engineers (the #4 fastest growing job) had the highest median income in 2006, coming in at more than $79,000.”

--MSNBC “Best Jobs of 2008”

As you can see from the above quote from MSNBC, the field of information technology continues to be in high demand and growing. The salary for this field is also quite lucrative and way above the average salary across all fields.

If you enjoy working with computers and technology, a career in information technology may be the perfect fit for you. As with most fields, there are a variety of directions you can take with an IT career. Just as in the health care field there is a huge difference between the roles and responsibilities of doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and dentist; the technology field also has a plethora of specialties. IT specialties include database administration, software development, web development, network administration, web design, and information security just to name a few.

By earning a general degree in information technology, it allows you to learn an array of IT skills that you’ll be able to utilize at most major companies. If you decide you’d like to specialize in a specific area, you can then earn extra certifications or training and make that switch. It is very common in the IT field to switch from one specialty to another or to start with a broader focus and then hone in on a specific technology specialty.

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