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If you're hoping to go into a career in IT management in the state of Alabama, then you should know that there are many wonderful educational opportunities, right in your own state, that can help you to reach your goals in a very brief amount of time. The good thing about a career in IT management is that, unlike many other professions, you don't have to possess a high level degree in order to succeed. As long as you can do a job well and have experience, you can find success. With that said, however, having some educational background will greatly improve your chances of getting hired.

alabama it management schools

One of the best and most well known schools that offers IT management programs in the state is Herzing College. Herzing College, which is located in Birmingham, offers associate's degree programs in computer network technology; computer, electronics, and telecom; technology; and computer information systems, all of which can be earned in two years or less on average and which will give you the knowledge you need to get hired in the field. For those interested in pursuing a higher level of education, the school also offers a bachelor's degree program in information technology, as well as a program in technology management. These programs are typically completed in around four years, two if you already have an associate's degree in a related field prior to enrolling.

Of course, Herzing College is far from being your only option in the state. As mentioned above, there are several other colleges offering similar programs. You can also opt to attend an online college or university. Wherever you go, be it online or to a traditional school, just make sure that the college or university is fully accredited. Also take the time to learn about the program's general reputation, especially if you plan to work in the same area after graduating, and about what past graduates have gone on to do. You should also look for a school that offers you internship opportunities, as having some level of real world experience is an absolute necessity for getting hired in the IT field.

It's important to note that it is possible to find work in the field without any kind of formal schooling, though it is much more difficult than if you have a degree. Generally, those with a large amount of computer and/or general technology knowledge can be hired without formal schooling. However, they typically start at much lower level, lesser paid positions than those with formal schooling, and will spend a large amount of time "proving themselves" in an effort to make up for the lack of education.

Whatever you decide to do, do try and take on some kind of internship, preferably one that is very closely related to the exact job you'd ultimately like to do. Internships, which may be paid or unpaid or, in the case of students, completed for credit, are excellent opportunities to begin building a solid resume.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Alabama:

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