IT Management Degrees in Connecticut

IT management is an interesting field, particular in the state of Connecticut, in that there are no hard and fast rules or regulations about who is eligible for what jobs. With many other professions, specific jobs require a certain amount of experience or a certain educational level in order to even consider applicants. Within the world of IT management, however, virtually anyone can find success. However, it tends to take those without the right educational background quite a big longer to find work and, if they do, it tends to be at a very low level position where they are forced to work themselves up the ladder each and every day. That's why, as an aspiring IT management professional, you are strongly advised to at least consider getting some level of education. We have compiled a simple list of the most basic degree levels, what they entail, and what they will enable you to do in the hopes that you can find your perfect position.

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Associate's Degree: An associate's degree is a very basic degree. Programs to earn them typically will provide students with a general overview of the field or of a certain area of specialization that they have chosen. Most people will earn their associate's degrees in around two years, typically from community colleges. One piece of good news is that credits earned at an accredited community college can always be transferred to a bachelor's degree program later down the road if desired. Furthermore, people actually can find work in the field with nothing more than an associate's degree. A lower level degree such as this enables graduates to take on more basic positions in the field, from which they can work their way up the career ladder, eventually making more and more money and taking on more and more responsibility.

Bachelor's Degree: Next in line is a bachelor's degree program. These programs are usually competed in around four years on average, and are meant to provide a more in depth study and specialization into the field than associate's degree programs give. As long as their degrees are coupled by some level of real world experience, even if it's just an internship, it's relatively easy to find the more difficult jobs with a bachelor's degree. Do, however, take care to choose a more hands on than theoretical program, so that you'll be ready to fully face the challenges of your new job.

Other Degrees: Few people in the IT management field will go on to earn master's degrees or PhDs in their subjects. That's because most people who oversee other employees tend to stop their formal education early, believing experience to be much more important than schooling. While this is often the case, for some people, a high level of education is a good fit. This is especially true for those who would like to teach IT management, perform research in the field, or take part in any other less hands on field.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Connecticut:

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