Can I Find an IT Management Degree Online from Georgia?

Georgia residents who are interested in possibly pursuing careers in IT management should know that, in this state, an education is a necessity for success. In many other states in the US, those who want to work as IT managers can often find jobs with very little or even no higher level education. In this state, however, the competition for jobs is incredibly fierce, and only the best and most educated stand a chance of being hired. The good news is that there are a ton of great colleges and universities in the state offering programs in IT management.

georgia it management schools

Of course, though, traditional education isn't for everyone. If you have serious other commitments, such as a family or another job that you can't lose, then you might be considering an online school. There is actually no shame at all in online schooling. In fact, many of the major colleges and universities referenced above even have online branches that are fully affiliated with the school. If you aren't attending one of these online schools, however, then you need to be extra careful to avoid getting scammed and losing out on valuable time, money, and effort.

While there are plenty of good, fully legitimate only online schools, there are about three scams for every good one! The big tip off that you are not attending a legitimate school is if it is not accredited. Earning a "diploma," "degree," or "certificate," from one of these schools is equivalent to paying a hefty sum of money for a very worthless and usable sort of paper. Without accreditation, the "degree" means absolutely nothing and won't land you any kind of job, no matter how much effort you put into earning it. Accreditation should always be checked; remember that any good school will be forthright and happy to discuss the details of its accreditation with you.

Of course, accreditation isn't always a guarantee of quality. Some online schools are fully accredited, but still have horrible reputations for being incredibly easy. Employers often catch on to the schools that do not produce high quality graduates, and so they gain bad reputations. Therefore, make sure you spend some time researching a particular school and its programs. You can read online reviews written by other former or current students and just learn about the school's general reputation. Other tell-tale signs of a less than legitimate school include misspellings on the website; not using proper or "technical" names for classes or programs or subject terms; offering multiple degrees, some of which sound made up or that you've never heard of anyone in the field having; classes that are all pass/fail; classes that are incredibly easy; and a low student retention rate. These signs don't always indicate a bad school, but you should be on your toes at all times. If you do come across a bad school, report it to the proper authorities. You can get an education in IT management online in Georgia, but you must be smart about it.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Georgia:

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