How to Become an IT Manager in Maryland

If you have dreams of working as an IT manager in the state of Maryland, then you'll be glad to know that this state is full of wonderful opportunities for people just like you! Not only is Maryland home to several schools offering excellent educational programs in the field, but it is also a hotbed for qualified professionals. Though the competition is intense, there are more positions than there are qualified people to fill them. This means that those who have what it takes get snapped up fairly easily and then enjoy excellent pay, great benefits, and most importantly, tremendous job stability, something that is extremely hard to come by in today's tough economic climate. If you don't have what it takes, however, you might be hard pressed to get hired at all or, if you do get hired, stuck in a very entry level position with no room to grow.

maryland it management schools

In Maryland, education is becoming more and more important for success in the field. The good news about this, however, is that, as mentioned above, the state is home to many wonderful schools. Different jobs within the field will require different levels of education, which is why it's important to have a good idea of what exactly you wish to do—there are many types of work for IT mangers—and what it will take to get there from the start.

One popular and well respected schooling option in the state is the Computer Career Institute at Johns Hopkins University, which is located in Columbia. The school has a whopping eighteen different computer certification programs, which are great for those wishing to go into more specialized areas. Remember, however, that you must know what jobs you will be able to get with which certifications. Otherwise, you could waste a lot of time and money on your schooling. Certifications can be combined with degrees for higher salaries, but they can also work well on their own as well, as long as you know what to do with them!

Devry University, located in Bethesda, is another excellent option. The school offers an associate's degree program in Electronics and Computer Technology. Associate's degrees from this and most other institutions are very affordable to obtain, and can typically be completed in as little as two years or less. Students at the school can continue their education with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering technology, computer information systems, or electronics engineering technology.

The Keller Graduate School of Management is a great option for those ready for the next level in their educational careers. The school offers master's degree programs in information systems management, project management, and telecommunications management. Remember, however, that these degrees are not typically obtained until a person has been working for several years in the field and thus has substantial real world experience.

The University of Phoenix, which is located in Columbia, is another great choice for serious students in the state. Individuals can receive certifications in Network +, Microsoft, or Cisco. They can also earn their bachelor's degree in information technology or a master's degree in computer information systems or technology management.

Of course, these are just a few of the state's many wonderful educational offerings. It's important that all people take the time to research all of the different options available and to ultimately pick the one that most closely matches their personal and career goals. Education can take a lot of hard work to obtain, but it is a surefire way to be met with professional success in the lucrative field of IT management.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Maryland:

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