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If you are a Minnesota resident who has been toying with the idea of going into the IT management field in the state, then we've got some great news for you! First of all, Minnesota is in serious need of IT management professionals. While this may not be good for the companies and businesses that can't find workers, it is great news for you! It means that there are tons of open jobs, just waiting to be filled by the right, qualified individual such as yourself. The problem isn't that there aren't enough people applying for these jobs; it's that the people who do apply typically don't possess the skills and/or knowledge necessary to succeed and do them correctly.

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If you fall into this category yourself, don't worry! Minnesota is home to many wonderful educational institutions that can help you to gain the skills that you need to do basically any job in the field. Before we discuss those in depth, however, we'd also like to mention that Minnesota IT management professionals tend to make higher average yearly salaries than those of most other professions in the state. Even more importantly, however, is the fact that IT management professionals enjoy excellent job security. In today's troubled economy, this is truly something to be celebrated.

As mentioned above, having a strong educational foundation is something that can really help you to succeed in the IT management field in the state. An education is basically a stamp of approval that says you know your stuff and are qualified to be a good worker. The great thing about the IT management field is that a very high level degree isn't a necessity for success, as it is in many other fields. In fact, you can succeed with nothing more than a simple associate's degree.

An associate's degree can be earned in as little as two years! In fact, some people who have more time to commit to their educations can earn them even sooner. Associate's degrees are most commonly offered at community colleges, making them much more affordable than attending a four year institution. With an associate's degree, you can be hired for entry level or basic positions in the field. However, if you now your stuff and prove yourself to be a good, strong, reliable worker, you can quickly advance. The only downside is that associate's degree holders, no matter how good they are at what they do, tend to make less than those who hold higher level degrees.

For this reason, many people in the field aim for at least a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree is most commonly earned in around four years. However, if you should happen to choose to earn your associate's degree first, your bachelor's degree can be earned in only around two years. With one of these degrees, you'll get started with a better position and with better pay as well, and thus will have to spend far less time working your way up and struggling to climb that corporate ladder.

For the most possible money in the field and for the most prestigious and coveted positions, you should strongly consider achieving a master's degree or a PhD. Master's degrees can typically be earned in around one to three years and do not require a related bachelor's degree. PhDs are more intense and can take as long as six years or more to earn. These degrees, however, are not typically sought until you have spent many years actually working in the field. Remember that in IT management, experience counts just as much as education.

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