Choosing the Right IT Management Program in Mississippi

As a prospective IT management professional in the state of Mississippi, you will need to have some level of educational training in order to succeed. The level that you will need will depend heavily upon the exact job that you wish to have in the field. Therefore, it is extremely important that your first step is to sit down and thoroughly research the career field and the many different job types that fall under the "IT management" label. When you find a job that sounds right for you, you must learn of its necessary requirements and qualifications. That way, you can plan out your education accordingly.

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In addition to thinking about what job you'd like to have, however, you also have to honestly assess what you would be the best at. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the field; it is so vast that it would be impossible for everyone to be good at everything. The better you know yourself and your own skills and abilities, the more likely it is that you will set realistic career and academic goals for yourself and that you will find success within the field.

You also really have to think about how much time you're willing to commit to your schooling. Usually, the amount of time that you put in is directly proportional to the rate of success that you will have. However, not all jobs will require extensive schooling, so consider all of the factors when making a decision about your academic future. For some people, for example, earning a simple certification in a month or a few months is sufficient to have the career that they want. Others, though, will require a more formal educational experience resulting in an actual degree.

The lowest level degree you can earn in the field is an associate's degree. This degree, which is a basic overview of the different components of the field, can be earned in as little as two years. Most commonly, people obtain their associate's degrees from a community college. While you can find work with only this degree, especially if you have experience in the field, it is usually very entry level work and you will typically make less than those with higher educational levels. However, you can easily work your way up by being a good and reliable worker, so that is something to consider as well. Remember too that it is never too late to transfer the credits earned from your associate's degree to a traditional bachelor's degree program.

The majority of people working in the field in the state do have at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. Such a degree is most commonly earned in about four years and gives you much more specific knowledge than an associate's degree. You must be careful to pick a good major as an undergraduate, one that is directly related to the exactly job you wish to have in the field upon graduation.

Some people will even go on to earn their master's degrees, which can take around one to three years. The good thing about master's degree programs is that they are designed specifically for working adults, so it's easy to balance many responsibilities or even to hold a job in the field at the same time; in fact, doing so is highly recommended. From there, you can eventually go on to earn your PhD, the highest level of education the field has to offer. With this degree, you'll enjoy the highest possible salary and the most prestigious positions.

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