Montana IT Management Education

Obtaining formal education is detrimental to those who desire to have a career in IT management. Information technology is a rapidly growing industry that is seeking skilled, educated professionals capable of planning, updating, maintaining, and implementing information systems. When hiring IT managers' employers want applicants who are well rounded and show the dedication to the industry by obtaining education and training. Montana offers several ways to obtain Information technology management education.

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In the past, those who desired to be an information technology manager have been steered toward a major in computer science. However, as technology has change, so have the degree options. At larger universities students may be able to choose from three or four majors offered through different schools, but all the IT degree choices could be confusing if you do not have some basic understanding. Computer Science degrees cover course information such as theoretical and mathematical concepts that fuel the workings of computers. Students learn operating systems and programming, applications, and concepts. This degree is best for learning how to think logically and develop problem- solving skills. A degree in Information Systems involves the study of programming, databases, and other computer concepts and applications. Electrical and Computer Engineering degrees are for students who wish to learn how to design software, communication systems, and digital circuits.

The University of Montana's Department of Applied Computing and Electronics mission is to combine business and industry, preparing students to become a part of our global society. Students learn the necessary practical skills while completing experiential learning of technical education, effective communication, problem solving, professionalism, and skills needed in the workplace. The Department has active memberships with organizations such as Cisco Regional Networking Academy, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, and Microsoft Developers Network Academic Alliance. Internships are also available for students enrolled in Information Technology and Energy Technology Degree Programs. Internships are completed through partnerships between students from departments and industry. The internship is a 90 -hour field experience at the internship site at approved internships.

The University of Montana Western's business and technology program is accredited through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. The program incorporates current technology, problem- based learning, and team projects to let students have an experience while receiving their education. Programs are designed to teach students technological, problem-solving, and communication skills needed to participate in high tech companies as IT managers. UMW offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with Business and Computer Applications, an Associate of Applied Science in Business, and an Information Technology and Network Administration Certificate Program.

The academic opportunities for becoming an IT manager in Montana continue with the University of Montana- Helena. UM- Helena offers a Bachelor of Science in Business and Information Technology. Any program in Information Technology will be beneficial when applying for an IT management position. The level of education you choose to acquire will affect the position level you obtain. As well as obtaining educational degrees, find certifications that are available in Montana that could help polish your resume.

IT management educational requirements vary from company to company. To find out more requirements research a specific company you are interested in and look at their job applications. Applications will list the specific requirements of each company. Educational requirements may include certain training classes that are specific to software, hardware, or programs. More IT management education information in Montana can be found on each universities website or by contacting someone from the department. Find out as much information as possible before enrolling for classes to make sure that the program is right for you.

Schools offering online and campus-based education programs in Montana:

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