Becoming a IT Manager in Nebraska

Information technology is an integral part of daily life via mobile phones, computer networks, or the abundance of knowledge and information found on the Internet. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the number of careers in the information technology field is expected to grow by 32 percent by the year 2018. This could be due to the fact that every company and organization has a computer –related component. Nebraska is no exception to this demand for those pursuing careers in IT.

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Nebraska technology opportunities have become available this year to meet the vital technological services demanded. The Nebraska State Technology Council provides representation to help promote the efficiencies of operation and technology job opportunities within the state. This board helps the information technology field plan efforts to produce strategic methods to meet the service needs of the public. One of the goals of the board is to improve economic development of the information technology industry. This is helping put residents of Nebraska back to work and increase business. It is also ensuring that small technological enhancements are made to increase revenue. This is critical to those who are in search of a career in IT management in Nebraska. With the State enforcing enhancement of information technology, the job market is constantly increasing for those looking for manager positions.

Almost any company, ranging from retail to healthcare, has a need for an information technology manager. The job of the IT manager is overseeing and ensuring that programs, software, and equipment is constantly maintained and updated. They are also responsible for a large team and the productivity completed within set deadlines. Working for a healthcare company is Nebraska would mean dealing with projects pertaining to clinical online programs and equipment. It would also include the general responsibilities such as project governance and planning, activities, schedules, responsibilities, communication management, quality management, risks and issue management, dealing with vendor and contractors, standard practices, project status reports, monitoring of project linkages, and post project follow up.

One may find a career as an IT Manager in other arenas in Nebraska such as Veterans Affairs, Manufacturing Plants, Career Staffing Services, Touchtone Energy, Department of Transportation, Major Credit companies like American Express, Express Services, Wal-Mart, or even education systems such as the University of Nebraska. The career opportunities in Nebraska for an IT manager are never ending. With each career there are different benefits, risk, environments, and responsibilities. By specializing in an area where you have prior expertise you will have an added benefit when trying to manage an entire technological team. Specialties include network systems and data communication analysis, computer software engineering, network and computer systems administration, and computer systems analyst. This is only a small list of job opportunities in information technology management. When competing for a position, it is essential to have a background in the technical fundamentals of computer science and a variety of certifications. Since technology is constantly evolving, regular training courses are a way to stay abreast on what is new and works the best. To become manager in an entry level position a bachelor's degree is sufficient, but a master's degree will increase pay level as well as how long it takes to get a promotion. It is also important to be able to communicate and work well with others, since a manager is responsible for a large group. The salary as an IT manager range but is pretty strong in any job. The average manager median income is about $7,878 per year. To find available IT management jobs in Nebraska search for positions online and ask around larger companies.

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