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Information technology manager is a vital position that is responsible for the implantation, administration, and monitoring of technology within an organization or business. The role of IT manager entails the completion of tasks such as hardware or software installation and update, implementation of computer networks and projects in place, as well as network upkeep, maintenance, and security of networks. Manager's act as the middleman between companies and vendors to analyze a company or organizations needs from an operational perspective. They foresee the risks, safety issues, personnel and equipment requirements, and the projected time link of all projects and activities. With all of these responsibilities, it is of interest to know the salary of an IT manager in Nevada.

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The amount of pay that a IT manager in Nevada receives is based on several things. One of these conditions is the level of education that each manager has. Although obtaining an advance degree means hard work and a large amount of dedicated time, it will also mean an increase in earning potential. With a master's degree in a field such as project management or business with an information technology concentration, you become very valued as a project manager in Nevada, and almost all areas. There is a circulating myth that says all IT jobs are going oversees to countries such as India, this is not true. Enrollment in college courses related to information technology is down and is seeking new applicants. The projected salary of an information technology project manager is around $85, 221 annually. Information technology managers are some the highest paid managers within the computer science field.

Another condition that affects the salary of an IT manager will make is the location you live. When living in a larger city, such as Nevada, managers who are willing to put up with the hustle, bustles, and stress of a larger city and larger workload, usually make a higher salary. One of the factors that influence the influx in salary is that the cost of living is higher in bigger cities, leaving less money available to save. In smaller areas, the salaries of IT managers are considerably lower, but again so is the cost of living. Salaries also depend upon the level of job responsibility. The more responsibility that a manager has results in the higher the salary of that IT manager.

The type of employer will affect how much an IT manager in Nevada area makes. Generally, regardless of location, federal government jobs make the highest salary. The higher end salaries go to the people who have higher degrees, such as a master degree. IT managers who are self employed or work for private firms also seem to make more money annually. The highest reported salary made by an IT manager was $129,250.

It is a simple fact that businesses need computers and that our economy needs technology. This is the only means to survival in our technological based life. The dependency upon technology is not expected to decrease, but constantly increase to greater heights. Consider all of the cell phone calls and text messages made each day, the hype of iPad, iPhones, and the iPod, and how business and personal contact made to other countries or states are made through email or video chat. Technology is here to stay. If technology is here to stay, then so is the need for managers of IT. Large cities, like Nevada, are projected to see a growth in the IT field in order to keep companies thriving.

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