How to Become a IT Manager in New York

IT managers are in high demand in today's technological based economy. Skilled professionals capable of handing real life complex solutions, while still meeting urgent deadlines are needed in companies and organizations everywhere. Becoming an IT manager in New York takes a background in business and technical expertise.

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The first step to becoming a New York information technology manager is completion of a Bachelor's degree program. A four-year program in information or computer science or management information systems are all good for providing students with knowledge in computer science, engineering, math, statistics, and programming. Four-year programs also equip students with oral and written communication skills needed to become an efficient leader and team member. Graduates of a four-year degree program are prepared for entry- level management employment.

New York has many institutes that provide Bachelor Degree programs for potential IT managers. The New York Institute of Technology has a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Computer Security as well as a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. The State University of New York Institute of Technology offers an accelerated BS/MS in Communication and Information Design and Technology for those who wish to complete both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in a reduced timeframe. Another education option is York College CUNY. The School of Business and Information Systems offer degree programs in Business Information Systems and Human Resource Management.

After completing a Bachelor's degree, the next step to becoming an IT manager in New York is to gain work experience. Businesses use sophisticated computer application systems and networks and therefore need advance IT managers to handle the newest technology. Those who have a bachelor's degree and experience will eventually be capable of advancement to a management position. However, if you would like to speed up the process of becoming an IT manager complete a master's degree from an accredited graduate school. Employers seek the highest amount of dedication an applicant shows towards achieving their dream of IT management.

Although professionals can become a manager with an associates degree or bachelor's degree, the most likely course is through completion of a graduate degree. New York is home to one of the top information technology industries and employers want the top IT manager to handle their software needs. Candidates who have a Master of Business Administration with a technology background have the greatest opportunities to work in IT management. MBA programs generally take two years to complete wit concentration on essential business coursework such as finance, marketing, accounting, and management.

The next step one can take towards becoming an IT manager in New York is to attain certifications. Potential employers like applicants who can offer expertise in technical skills, as well as in specific software and technology. Professional certification provides credentials to prove you have the skills they need. Certifications are generally product specific and are administered by manufactures. There are several independent organization certificates that are beneficial to obtain such as Cisco Certification.

Advancement to an IT management position in New York is completely in your hands. Continue education to become a more valuable candidate and keep skills well known. Research job openings in your area to see what employers look for in IT candidates such as technical skills, education, and certifications, then obtain these qualities. Another way to increase chances of becoming an IT manager is to talk to current managers about the software and equipment they are currently using as well as what the job outlook is in their company. Opportunities for IT management positions are expected to grow by about 17% over the next several years. Becoming an IT manager in New York is no easier and more accessible than ever.

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