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Regardless of location, an Information Technology management job has generally the same description and job requirements. As an Information Technology manager one would be in charge of managing the entire information technology department professionals. Manager would ensure that the processing system of information and necessary upgrades were taking place properly while helping professionals utilize information. The manager would also ensure that all computer equipment, hardware, and software are updated constantly to meet the needs of the workplace.

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The position of Information Technology manager requires a bachelor's degree and generally several years of field experience in Information Technology or related area. Manager should be experienced in fieldwork as well as familiar and practiced in common concept and procedures. For someone located in Oregon, there are many IT Management job options.

Positions for IT Management jobs in Oregon vary. Information Technology jobs are predicted to increase by almost 25 percent by the year 2016, making this jobs a good option in today's tough job economy. Career opportunities in IT management vary including database administration, system analyst, web administrator, business systems consultants, network analyst, PC support technician, technical writer, vendor representatives, or software applications specialists. Popular firms that hire information technology managers include Hewlett- Packard, Microsoft, Intel, and Consolidated Freightways.

IT Management options are available in almost any field, whether interest is in something such as the railroad or maybe an interest to be involved with healthcare. With certain special qualifications, an IT professional could work for the Health System in Central Oregon as an Information Technology Systems Pharmacist. An IT pharmacist would control formulary management with the clinical information system while developing and modifying procedures to find the solution to complex computer equipment issues. Job activities would require knowledge in information technology as well as drug interactions and dosage calculations. Information technology managers could have a job that runs the entire city. As the City Information Technology Manager, one would be responsible for overseeing the overall citywide operational and strategic management of the information technology needs. Manager would implement initiatives that would help achieve organizational system and technology goals.

The responsibilities of an IT manager range from tasks that include planning and implementation to the constant every day management to ensure that all systems continue to run properly. Oregon has independent company opportunities, but they also offer manager positions for government jobs. Following is a list of departments that employ IT managers. The Department of Administrative Services, Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development, Department of Corrections, Department of Education and Early Development, Environmental Conservation, Fish and Game, Health and Social Services, Labor and Workforce Development, Law, Military and Veterans Affair, Natural Resources, Public Safety, Revenue, and the Department of Transportation and Public Facilities. As an Information Technology Manager in Oregon there are plenty of job opportunities in many different areas of interest. After deciding which field is of most interest, applicants can then apply to work in the field where they will be able to offer the best technology management.

Become prepared to take a position in IT management by obtaining the proper education and certifications before applying. Most employers seek IT managers who have an associates, bachelors, or masters degree in information technology or another computer related field. Preferably, employers like applicants who have at least a bachelors degree and some employers even look for applicants who have had real word internships in the IT industry. As the job outlook for IT management is projected to grow, so is the number of people entering the field? Ensure you're one of the top applicants by being prepared for a job in IT management.

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