Pennsylvania IT Manager Licensing

Information Technology projects are becoming high priority in today's global based economy. Information Technology managers are in hired to coordinate and manage projects from the beginning step until full completion. Managers are responsible for the planning and implementation of all IT projects for companies or organizations. They work will all the clients, specialists, employees, and consultants to identify risks of the project as well as how long each project will take. Each state has different requirements for becoming an IT Manager. The following is what Pennsylvania requires of an Information technology manager, as well as suggested certifications that IT Managers should obtain.

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The knowledge and skills needed to manage State technological projects is immense and has led the Government Information Technology Agency in Pennsylvania to develop a program. This program boosts the ability of IT managers to complete technology projects on time and in a given budget. This certification also enables managers to develop, implement, and maintain state projects more efficiently. The Pennsylvania State Project Management Certification program is a weeklong Project Management class taught by a certified Project Management Institute instructor. Students taking the class will have to take a comprehensive exam at the end of the week to measure project management skills and ensure that the skills are mastered before real life application. The certification also includes a half-day Government Information Technology Agency class that emphasizes the Pennsylvania State requirements. This will include privacy, security, policies, standards, and oversight and project investment justification. The third step of the certification is an attestation from the agency director that states the candidate for certification has at least two years of project management experience.

By being a State Certified project manager the chances of completing a project will be increased, as well as the chances of getting a job as an information technology manger. Most major projects in Pennsylvania require that they are managed by State certified project managers. Another valuable certification in Pennsylvania for IT Managers is the Project Management Professional (PMP). The PMP credential is recognized throughout the IT industry and shows that managers have experience and education needed to successfully complete IT projects. To apply for the PMP a four- year bachelor's degree is needed with at least three years of IT experience or a high school diploma with at least five years of project management experience. For those who lack the experience needed to apply for the PMP, PMI also offers Certified Associate in Project Management. This is valuable for entry- level information technology managers who wish to demonstrate their understanding of knowledge and the processes of effective project management. Both certifications can be obtained through online certification at Project Management Institution.

The ITIL is another widely accepted IT Management certification that many companies and organizations look for when hiring managers. This certification provides the skills needed to identify, plan, and deliver IT services to help facilitate business growth. If the business does not recognize ITIL certification, then consider American Academy of Project Management Certification (AAMP). This is a global board of standards that certifies IT Managers are educated, trained, experienced, familiar with ethics, and are receiving continuing education in order to implement the latest updates and necessary skills within Information Technology. This is preferred qualification for companies who are in need of an IT Manager. Any certification will increase knowledge and ensure that all skills are constantly maintained and in tune with the most up to date information. Although some of these certifications are not a requirement in Pennsylvania, it is the best idea to complete any certification classes that are available.

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