How to Become an IT Manager in Washington

Jobs in the information technology field are some of the fastest paying, rapidly growing, most ensured jobs in the country. Candidates for IT management positions in high tech companies have a wide ranger of talent, from students who are fresh graduates to senior- level candidates who have been in the IT industry for many years. A four-year degree in information technology or a computer related field are both valuable when completing a resume. By completing a bachelor's degree, employers see that applicants are committed to their interest and have a variety of knowledge in many subjects. Certifications are also valued to demonstrate the technical ability of each applicant along with firm knowledge in core courses. If you want to become an IT manager in Washington, learn more about the steps you can take.

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Computer systems and information managers are responsible for overseeing the operation and implementation of computer systems for organizations. Most managers have at least a four- year degree, but employers generally prefer a graduate degree. IT employers want candidates who show that they are well rounded in technical skills that include business and communication skills and technical proficiency. As you move through your career in Information technology a degree will become critical.

Washington has several university degree programs for those pursuing IT management. The Information School at the University of Washington offers a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and a Master of Science in Information Management. The B.S. in Informatics program teaches students how to use innovation to analyze common IT industry problems. The MS in Information Management is geared for students who want to become leaders that are capable of managing information and building information systems. The MS curriculum includes strategic planning, organizational leadership, information management, and information technology.

Washington is over abundant in technological degree programs. By adding education and certifications to your resume you become more valuable as an IT manager and begin to set your resume apart from all the others. Some employers may decide who gets higher ranked positions, such as IT manager, by choosing applicants have the most training and education. You do not want to give employers any reason to disregard your application, and lack of education or technical training could be a reason. In combination with education and technical skills, you should also obtain internships or volunteer experience in the field. Although classroom learning is extremely beneficial, there are some experiences that can only be given when in a real work environment.

Skills required for technology jobs and managers vary from one position to another, but there are a few skills that everyone should acquire. There are six must- have technical skills that all employers look for on all IT managers applications. Quality Assurance is the process central to developing software and systems. Managers are responsible for handling quality assurance of all technical aspects and means every manager should have a QA background. Managers should also have keen documentation skills for documenting their processes and products. The third skill is having a foundation in database. The more a manager knows about databases, the more they can contribute to projects involving databases. The last three skills include networks, HTML, and Microsoft Office. The basics of networking are one of the most essential skills. Without networking, systems cannot even be set up. HTML is a skill that may be called upon when the IT manager is responsible for creating a company's website. Not knowing HTML could be enough reason for an employer to not hire you as manager. The most basic of basic skills is Microsoft Office. Manager's responsibilities cover a wide range of activities and more than likely will include preparing a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation.

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