Degrees in IT Management

If you enjoy working with technology and also want to be in a leadership position, a degree in IT management may be for you. A degree in this field combines both information technology skills, as well as business management. Classes in an IT Management sequence provide a basic understanding of the various facets or roles in a technology department, as well as how to integrate technology to enhance an organization. This degree also typically includes communication and management courses. Those who enjoy working with people, rather than those who prefer to work independently, are better suited for a career in this field. Other skills that are important for this career are: being an effective communicator, organization skills, and time management skills.


Technology Management courses typically focus on the following topics:

  • Solutions to technology- based problems of crisis management, profitable growth opportunities, and change leadership.
  • Applying tools and concepts to analyze a variety of alternative solutions
  • Selecting and defending a recommended course of action to resolving problems
  • Managerial skills
  • Communication skills that allow these individuals to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical audiences
  • Business and financial management strategies
  • Relational database management systems
  • Database analysis
  • Telecommunications and networking
  • Network administration
  • IT systems development and implementation
  • Project management processes
  • Schedule and cost control techniques


Certificate and other technology management training programs typically focus on the following topics:

  • Integrating technology into the organization's business plan.
  • Promoting cross-disciplinary team building.
  • Managing technology-driven change.
  • Providing a hospitable environment for innovation. Developing integrated systems.

Technology Manager Salary

According to, the median Technology Manager salary in the United States is $100,851. The exact salary for IT Managers or IT Project Managers can earn depends on a variety of factors, including geographic location, years of experience, level of education, and number of employees that person manages. According to CNN Money, the lowest 25th percentile of IT Managers earn around $85,000 and the highest 75th percentile of Technology Manager salaries earn around $122,000. Regardless of if you start out making below the 25th percentile of , or greater than the 75th, this is a very lucrative profession. The salary range for IT Managers far surpasses other professions, even other high paying IT professions.

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Salaries by State

Technology Managers salaries tend to be fairly high, but certainly vary by the state you live in. More heavily populated states tend to pay higher salaries than those with fewer people. The below numbers are averages for how much IT Managers make in that state but doesn’t include all IT Manager jobs in that state. These numbers can be found on

Alabama : $71,000
Alaska : $60,000
Arizona : $56,000
Arkansas : $70,000
California : $64,000
Colorado : $58,000
Connecticut : $71,000
Delaware : $63,000
District of Columbia : $78,000
Florida : $62,000
Georgia : $71,000
Hawaii : $49,000
Idaho : $55,000
Illinois : $68,000
Indiana : $63,000
Iowa : $63,000
Kansas : $59,000
Kentucky : $57,000
Louisiana : $64,000
Maine : $47,000
Maryland : $69,000
Massachusetts : $74,000
Michigan : $66,000
Minnesota : $58,000
Mississippi : $71,000
Missouri : $64,000
Montana : $48,000
Nebraska : $60,000
Nevada : $61,000
New Hampshire : $55,000
New Jersey : $71,000
New Mexico : $78,000
New York : $77,000
North Carolina : $65,000
North Dakota : $62,000
Ohio : $64,000
Oklahoma : $60,000
Oregon : $65,000
Pennsylvania : $62,000
Rhode Island : $64,000
South Carolina : $54,000
South Dakota : $59,000
Tennessee : $64,000
Texas : $62,000
Utah : $55,000
Vermont : $59,000
Virginia : $74,000
Washington : $63,000
West Virginia : $78,000
Wisconsin : $51,000
Wyoming : $75,000

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